RefWorks 2a: Importing References From Academic Search Complete To RefWorks

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Importing References Into RefWorks from Academic Search Complete

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This tutorial will show you how to import references from the Academic Search Complete database into RefWorks.                  

Use the active webpage on your right to complete the tutorial.

Logging Into RefWorks

In order to access RefWorks, log in on the screen to the right.

If you have never used RefWorks before, click here to access the RefWorks 1: Creating a RefWorks Account tutorial.


How to Access Academic Search Complete

Now that RefWorks is open, you will be able to import references into your account.

To access Academic Search Complete:

  • Click on Recommended, which is on the side of the Quick SEARCH box.
  • From the list that appears, select Academic Search Complete.

You may have to scroll down a little.

How to Conduct a Search

In the search box, type or copy and paste "undergraduate tuition".

  • Click Search

  • Click on the name of the first article that appears on the search page.

How to Export References

On the resulting page, find the Tools bar on the right of the screen. (You may have to scroll to the right.)

  • Click on Export.

  • The Export Manager will appear at the top of your search result (see below). Check the circle next to "Direct Export to RefWorks."
  • Click the gold Save button at the bottom.

Viewing References in RefWorks

RefWorks will open a new tab on your browser. (If this does not happen, check the original tab where you opened RefWorks earlier.)

It will look like this:

Click on the View Last Imported Folder button to see the reference you imported into RefWorks.


Congratulations! You have now imported a reference from Academic Search Complete into RefWorks.

If you experienced difficulties or have questions about this process, please contact the Library.




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