RefWorks 5: Installing Write-N-Cite

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Installing Write-N-Cite

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This tutorial will show you how to download and install Write-N-Cite, a RefWorks tool that allows you to add references from your RefWorks account directly to your you type it!

Use the active webpage on your right to complete the tutorial.

Logging Into RefWorks

In order to access RefWorks, log in on the screen to the right.

If you have never used RefWorks before, click here to access the RefWorks 1: Creating a RefWorks Account tutorial.

Downloading & Installing Write-N-Cite

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Now that RefWorks is open, click on Tools at the top of the screen.

Select Write-N-Cite.

Note: You may need to open RefWorks in a separate window to access its functionality during the tutorial.

Downloading & Installing Write-N-Cite

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 The Write-N-Cite box will open.

Make sure to copy the code in the box on the lefthand side of the Write-N-Cite box. You will be prompted to use it later to allow Write-N-Cite to download your references from your RefWorks account.

Downloading & Installing Write-N-Cite

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Now, select a version of Write-N-Cite to download. RefWorks released a new version for Mac in December 2012, but it may not be compatible with your operating system.

Click on the version of Write-N-Cite that best matches your operating system and follow the instructions to install Write-N-Cite on your computer.


Congratulations! You have installed Write-N-Cite onto your computer.

If you experienced difficulties or have questions about this process, please contact the Library.

To go to the next tutorial, Using Write-N-Cite, click here.


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